Kubic at openSUSE Conference 2018

9. Jul 2018 | Richard Brown | No License

A little over a month ago the openSUSE Project held its annual main community conference in Prague. Of course Kubic project was there, and we had a number of talks covering a wide range of cool things going on with Kubic, and getting started with the Project.
Thanks to the amazing work of the openSUSE Conference video team, all of these talks were recorded, so they can be shared with you all for your viewing pleasure.

Your first steps with openSUSE Kubic

Paul Gonin talked about how he is using Kubic and shares the basic steps he took to setup his system as a container host.

Transactional Updates - Deep Dive

Ignaz Forster gave a detailed deep dive of the Kubic Project’s Transactional Update stack. How it works, the concepts behind it, packaging considerations required and comparisions to similar options available in other distributions.

Atomic Bonds: openSUSE Kubic & SUSE CaaSP

Richard Brown and Alexander Herzig detailed from a high level the shared concepts behind the openSUSE Kubic Project and SUSE Container as a Service Platform, and details how the open source project and SUSE’s commercial product work together for mutual benefit.


And last (but by no means least) Panos Georgiadis gave a (worlds first?) ‘Presentationless’ presentation about Serverless & Function-as-a-Service, with a demo showing how to set up such an environment for yourself.

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