openSUSE Kubic

Project maintaining multiple container-related technologies as part of the openSUSE Project

Tumbleweed Kubic

Container as a Service Platform based on Kubernetes atop openSUSE MicroOS

Tumbleweed-Kubic currently offers the following supported System Roles which can be selected during Installation

  • openSUSE MicroOS
  • “Unconfigured Cluster Node” - openSUSE MicroOS plus an unconfigured Kubic Kubernetes Stack

Tumbleweed Kubic Devsetup

Hack on Kubic via KVM

If you want to play around with Kubic in a libvirt/KVM environment you can use our automation tool to setup a cluster of X nodes in one go. Follow the instructions to prepare your host system with the necessary dependencies (e.g. libvirt) and then to build e.g. a 1 master, 2 worker cluster using the latest kubic image, run from the automation/caasp-kvm directory: bash ./caasp-kvm --build -m 1 -w 2 --image channel://kubic



openSUSE Tumbleweed based OS providing Transactional (Atomic) Updates upon a read-only btrfs root filesystem

Designed to host container workloads with automated administration & patching. Installing the openSUSE MicroOS System Role from Kubic you get a quick, small environment for experimenting with Containers, or any other workload that benefits from Transactional Updates. MicroOS will also soon be offered as Virtual Machine Images



Dashboard for openSUSE & SUSE Container as a Service

Velum is a dashboard that manages your SUSE CaaS Platform cluster. With Velum, you will be able to :

  • Bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster with a simple click.
  • Manage your Kubernetes: cluster adding and removing nodes from your cluster, monitoring faulty nodes, etc.
  • Setup an update policy that suits your needs. SUSE CaaS Platform already provides a transparent and sensible procedure for updates that guarantees no downtime, but with Velum you will be able to further tune this.

And much much more

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