The Transactional Update Guide

Thorsten Kukuk

Ignaz Forster

Version 0.3, 12. September 2019


This is the documentation for transactional-update and is intended for users, administrators and packagers.

It describes how transactional-update with Btrfs works by giving an overview of the design, what an administrator needs to know about setting up and operating such a system and what a packager needs to know for creating compatible packages.

For specific usage see the transactional-update man page or the list of Kubic related commands.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Description
1.2. Definition
1.3. Motivation
2. Concept
2.1. Filesystem
2.2. Updating the correct snapshot
2.3. Workflow
2.4. Simplified workflow
3. System setup
3.1. Read-only file system
3.2. /var
3.3. /etc
4. Files
5. Porting to other systems
6. Author/acknowledgments
7. Copyright information for this document