kubic-control for openSUSE Kubic

Aug 27, 2019


If you think, this is too much text and sounds far too complicated or you are not interested in background informations: install openSUSE Kubic and go directly to the “Deploy Kubernetes” Section. There is not really an easier way to deploy Kubernetes!

Why should I want to use kubic-control?

We have kubeadm on openSUSE Kubic to manage kubernetes, why do we need yet another management tool? There is a nice blog giving an answer to this: Automated High Availability in kubeadm v1.15: Batteries Included But Swappable, which explains, beside kubernetes multi master, also the scope...

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Kata Containers now available in Tumbleweed

Aug 15, 2019

Kata Containers is an open source container runtime that is crafted to seamlessly plug into the containers ecosystem. We are now excited to announce that the Kata Containers packages are finally available in the official openSUSE Tumbleweed repository. It is worthwhile to spend few words explaining why this is a...

Kubic now available on ARM

Jan 30, 2019

We are proud to announce that Kubic officially supports AArch64, the 64-bit ARMv8! What does it mean? What are the differences with x86_64? How would you install and use it? Please read this blog post to answer those questions! Kubic supports AArch64 - What does it mean? It simply means...

How to enable PSP with Traefik

Jan 24, 2019

If you are reading this, it is possibly because you already know what Traefik is and you want to use it without running it as root (main proces pid 1) or any other privileged user. If security is a big consern, enabling Kubernetes PodSecurityPolicy - PSP is considered to be...

Kubic is now a certified Kubernetes distribution

Jan 22, 2019

The openSUSE Kubic team is proud to announce that as of yesterday, our Kubic distribution has become a Certified Kubernetes Distribution! Notably, it is the first open source Kubernetes distribution to be certified using the CRI-O container runtime! What is Kubernetes Certification? Container technologies in general, and Kubernetes in particular,...

CRI-O is now our default container runtime interface

Sep 17, 2018

We’re really excited to announce that as of today, we now officially supports the CRI-O Container Runtime Interface as our default way of interfacing with containers on your Kubic systems! Um that’s great, but what is a Container Runtime Interface? Contrary to what you might have heard, there are more...

Getting started with kubeadm on Kubic

Aug 20, 2018

kubeadm now available in Kubic As discussed in our recent announcement we’ve been working hard in our new direction, integrating kubeadm as a primary method of setting up a Kubernetes cluster on openSUSE Kubic. After this short time, we’re proud to already be able to share that as of Snapshot...